Setting up VPN on Windows 10

Though PPTP VPN is outdated but for some strange reason Microsoft still allows such configuration and ensures that the outdated technology is also used. Windows 10 is the latest addition to the Microsoft family and therefore it means that new improvements and added measures have been taken. Users will not only enjoy it but will also make it their primary OS. Adding PPTP VPN to Windows 10 is very easy. However before going into process we should take a look at the advantages of using VPN with windows 10. Numerous perspectives on best VPN services on AntaNet will make the overall VPN idea clearer for you:

Why should I use VPN with Windows 10?

For a while just forget about PPTP and focus on direct access VPN that has also been introduced in Windows 10. With over 120 million enterprise clients worldwide MS is all set to deliver the newest VPN technology that would shake the market. With improved and new start menus MS has done a lot to ensure that new services to protect the online privacy are also introduced in windows 10. Some of the advantages of using VPN with windows 10 are as follows:

  1. Auto connection

The domain directory of VPN on windows 10 has active mode. This not only saves time but also resources as well. There is no need to initiate the connections directly rather it can be done with ease using the auto connection mechanism. User initiation is past and this idea is surely the future.

  1. Firewall is not a question at all

And it is a fact. The Direct access VPN service on Windows 10 can bypass all firewalls and therefore connection establishment is not an issue at all. It also allows accessing the online material in easy and straightforward manner.

  1. Corporate servers are now securer

Corporate servers are always kept secure when it comes to hacking and attacking issues. Direct access VPNs therefore uses IPSEC protocol to authenticate the users. The corporate servers are therefore secure and safe if VPN is used on Windows 10.

  1. End to end encryption

Just like your Whatsapp, the data travelling over VPN of Windows 10 will ensure that the data from the point of initiation to the point of delivery remains encrypted. This also means that within the tunnel there is no snoop issue. VPN on windows 10 will also identify the attackers with their IP addresses.

  1. Centralization

It is another important idea that is related to VPN on windows 10. The idea of centralization will ensure that the corporate IT staff can manage the servers and VPN connection while in their seats. A single user interface will get the work done.

How to set up VPN on Windows 10?

Following are the steps that should be applied:

  1. On desktop click Network connection icon and then network settings
  2. Search for VPN on screen that pops and click Add a VPN connection
  3. Enter all the VPN details required for authentication
  4. In VPN type you can either select PPTP VPN or Direct access VPN depending upon your organizational needs
  5. Add the VPN credentials as required
  6. A new VPN connection dialogue box will appear. Click the connect button and if the process is successful the VPN will show Connected Status.